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GA 1 Management, coordination and communication (BNTU)2013-02-252014-12-31
Task 1.1 Activity and finance management2013-02-252014-12-31
1.1.1 Formation of the Steering Group (SG) and the Management Unit (MU), SG and MU meetings and teleconferences.2013-02-252014-12-31
Milestone 1.1_1 MU meeting 12013-05-202013-05-20
Milestone 1.1_2 SG meeting 12013-09-302013-09-30
Milestone 1.1_3 MU meeting 22013-12-202013-12-20
Milestone 1.1_4 SG meeting 22013-12-252013-12-25
Milestone 1.1_5 MU meeting 32014-04-012014-04-01
Milestone 1.1_6 SG meeting 32014-04-252014-04-25
Milestone 1.1_7 MU meeting 42014-09-252014-09-25
Milestone 1.1_8 SG meeting 42014-11-252014-11-25
1.1.2 Preparation of tender documents, procurement procedures, selection and contracting of external experts and evaluators2013-02-252013-09-30
Task 1.2 Internal and external reporting2013-02-252014-12-31
1.2.1 Partners prepare and send internal reports to the Beneficiary according to the timeframe agreed in the Partnership Agreement2013-02-252014-12-31
Milestone 1.2_1 internal reports 12013-04-012013-04-05
Milestone 1.2_2 internal reports 22013-07-012013-07-05
Milestone 1.2_3 internal reports 32013-10-012013-10-04
Milestone 1.2_4 internal reports 42014-01-012014-01-03
Milestone 1.2_5 internal reports 52014-04-012014-04-04
Milestone 1.2_6 internal reports 62014-07-012014-07-04
Milestone 1.2_7 internal reports 72014-10-012014-10-03
Milestone 1.2_8 internal reports 82014-12-012014-12-05
1.2.2 interim report2013-12-022013-12-31
1.2.3 final report2014-12-012014-12-31
Task 1.3 External and internal evaluation. External evaluation will be implemented by subcontracted consultant. Internal evaluation - by the partnership2014-11-032014-12-31
Milestone 1.3_1 1 document with the Action external evaluation2014-12-292014-12-31
Task 1.4 Communication and dissemination activities2013-02-252014-12-31
Milestone 1.4_1 1 web-service with access to communication system2013-02-252013-02-25
1.4.1.Creating a system of smooth communication among partners (online tool)2013-02-252013-09-30
1.4.2 Preparing, organizing, hosting participating in dissemination events project meetings, trainings (LT-30, BY-80)2013-02-252014-12-31
Milestone 1.4_2 partner meeting 1 BY2013-10-142013-10-18
Milestone 1.4_4 partner meeting 3 BY2014-05-192014-05-23
1.4.3. Kick-off meeting for sharing roles responsibilities for effective project implementation(LT-4, BY-6)2013-05-202013-05-21
1.4.4.Developing updating the dissemination activity plan for all the partnership2014-01-012014-12-12
Milestone 1.4_5 dissemination activity plan2014-02-282014-02-28
1.4.5.Developing maintaining the project website,clustering with the other international projects, networks2013-02-252014-12-31
Milestone 1.4_6 Action web-site2013-02-252013-09-30
1.4.6.Dissemination in the partner institutions2013-02-252014-12-31 placing the project info on the websites of each partner institution with the links to the projects’ website2013-02-252013-09-30 exchanging of project related info during meetings with staff of the partner institutions2013-02-252014-12-31 placing information stand in every partner institution (LT-2, BY-3), distribution of project multimedia dissemination materials.2013-06-032013-09-30
Milestone 1.4_7 information stand BNTU2013-09-302013-09-30
Milestone 1.4_8 information stand VUOI2013-09-302013-09-30
Milestone 1.4_9 information stand Alexandrov's IO2013-09-302013-09-30
Milestone 1.4_10 information stand VU2013-09-302013-09-30
Milestone 1.4_11 information stand VSMU2013-09-302013-09-30
1.4.7.Dissemination to the local/regional/national/international community2013-02-252014-12-31 promotional seminars for healthcare society local authorities (LT- 2; BY- 2)2014-01-012014-11-28 promoting the project at various seminars conferences, including formal and non-formal presentations in the partner institutions' events2013-02-252014-12-31
Milestone 1.4_12 promotion seminar LT 12014-02-242014-02-28
Milestone 1.4_13 promotion seminar BY 12014-03-242014-03-28
Milestone 1.4_14 promotion seminar LT 22014-09-292014-09-30
Milestone 1.4_15 promotion seminar BY 22014-10-272014-10-31 promoting disseminating project via healthcare professional networks (national international)2014-01-012014-12-31 clustering with other international projects networks, with the national international healthcare networks.2014-01-012014-12-31 producing multimedia promotional materials in EN and partner languages2013-09-302014-10-01
Milestone 1.4_16 Multimedia promotional material 12013-09-302013-09-30
Milestone 1.4_16 Multimedia promotional material 22014-02-032014-02-03
Milestone 1.4_17 Multimedia promotional material 32014-04-012014-04-01
Milestone 1.4_18 Multimedia promotional material 42014-07-012014-07-01
Milestone 1.4_19 Multimedia promotional material 52014-09-012014-09-01
Milestone 1.4_20 leaflet BNTU2014-01-152014-01-15
Milestone 1.4_21 leaflet VUOI2014-03-142014-03-14
Milestone 1.4_22 leaflet Alexandrov's IO 2014-05-012014-05-01
Milestone 1.4_23 leaflet VU2014-08-012014-08-01
Milestone 1.4_24 leaflet BSMU2014-10-012014-10-01
Milestone 1.4_25 flyer BNTU2013-09-302013-09-30
Milestone 1.4_26 flyer VUOI2013-11-302013-12-02
Milestone 1.4_27 flyer Alexandrov's IO 2014-01-312014-01-31
Milestone 1.4_28 flyer VU2014-03-312014-03-31
Milestone 1.4_29 flyer BSMU2014-05-312014-06-02 articles in journals (online /or offline), email newsletters will be sent to targeted institutions2013-11-012014-12-01
Milestone 1.4_30 article in special journal2013-11-012013-11-01
Milestone 1.4_31 press-release2013-12-022013-12-02
Milestone 1.4_32 newsletter 12014-01-022014-01-02
Milestone 1.4_33 newsletter 22014-04-012014-04-01
Milestone 1.4_34 newsletter 32014-08-012014-08-01
Milestone 1.4_35 newsletter 42014-12-012014-12-01
Milestone 1.4_36 exhibition 12014-04-012014-04-01
Milestone 1.4_37 exhibition 22014-06-022014-06-02
Milestone 1.4_38 exhibition 32014-08-012014-08-01
Milestone 1.4_39 exhibition 42014-10-012014-10-01
Milestone 1.4_40 exhibition 52014-12-012014-12-01 Final Dissemination Conference (LT-20, BY-15)2014-12-082014-12-12
Milestone 1.4_41 Dissemination conference proceedings2014-12-152014-12-31
Milestone 1.4_3 partner meeting 2 LT2014-01-132014-01-17
Task 1.5 Exploitation plan will be created in order to ensure sustainability of the action’s outputs and results2014-11-032014-12-12
Milestone 1.5_1 exploitation and future development plan2014-12-122014-12-12
GA 2 Background need analysis and description of the medical expert system (VUOI)2013-02-252014-01-31
Task 2.1 Analysis and selection of clinical methods or procedures.2013-02-252013-09-27
2.1.1. Analysis and selection of research and clinical methods or procedures in the area of skin cancer2013-02-252013-09-23
Milestone 2.1_1 document with set of key parameters for improved skin cancer diagnostic algorythm2013-09-232013-09-27
2.1.2. Analysis and selection of research and clinical methods or procedures in the area of lung cancer2013-02-252013-09-23
Milestone 2.1_2 documents with set of key parameters for improved lung cancer diagnostic algorythm2013-09-232013-09-27
Task 2.2. Description of the skin cancer diagnostic algorithms and requirements for an expert system2013-07-012013-12-27
Milestone 2.2 document with skin cancer diagnostic algorythm description2013-12-232013-12-27
Task 2.3. Description of the lung cancer diagnostic algorithms and requirements for an expert system2013-07-012013-12-27
Milestone 2.3 document with lung cancer diagnostic algorythm description2013-12-232013-12-27
Task 2.4. Functional and not functional requirements for an expert system2013-02-252014-01-31
Milestone 2.4_1 document on functional requirements for an expert system2013-12-232013-12-27
Milestone 2.4_2 document on non-functional requirements for an expert system2014-01-272014-01-31
GA 3 Development of the expert system (Set up of IT infrastructure for expert system) (VU)2013-02-252014-12-31
Task 3.1 Analysis of specifications and functionality of algorithms, data and expert systems. Determination of the structure of databases2013-02-252013-12-31
Milestone 3.1_1 document with established set of general parameters2013-09-232013-09-27
Milestone 3.1_2 document with determined number of key parameters for cancer detection2013-10-212013-10-25
Milestone 3.1_3 document with evaluated principles of classified image collecting2013-12-232013-12-27
Task 3.2 Design, implementation and management of the database, according to specifications of task 3.12014-01-012014-12-31
Milestone 3.2_1 Expert system with Database developed and deployed2014-05-052014-05-09
Milestone 3.2_2 database user manual2014-05-122014-05-16
Milestone 3.2_3 expert system user manual2014-05-192014-05-23
Milestone 3.2_4 expert system administrator manual.2014-05-262014-05-30
Task 3.3 Design, implementation and administration of IT infrastructure for operation database and expert systems2013-02-252014-12-31
GA 4 Common cross-border data base creation and development (ANCC)2013-02-252014-12-31
Task 4.1. Creation of the local-assessable database of relevant images 2013-02-252014-12-31
4.1.1. Collect the most typical cases for basic set of mathematical algorithm development2013-02-252014-12-31
Milestone 4.1_1 creation of 1 local-assessable database of relevant images, filled-in with images2013-02-252013-12-31
Milestone 4.1_2 user manual for database2013-11-012013-11-29
Milestone 4.1_3 operational manual for database2013-12-022013-12-31
Milestone 4.1_4 document on algorythmised analysis of most common deviations from typical examples2014-01-012014-01-31
4.1.2. Development the description of deviation from classical examples for restructuring of the algorithm of imaging2014-02-032014-02-28
Task 4.2. Uniting of local databases for common exploitation2013-08-122014-11-28
4.2.1 Create the Central Operational Unit (COU)2013-08-122014-07-21
Milestone 4.2_1 local database is ready for common exploitation. 2014-01-272014-01-31
Milestone 4.2_2 COU created. 1 protocol of common resources testing2014-02-032014-02-28
Milestone 4.2_3 protocol of starting of exploitation of COU2014-02-282014-02-28
4.2.2 Data importation from oncology practitioners annotate database upgrading 2014-03-032014-11-28
Milestone 4.2_4 document describing the procedure for data importation from oncology practitioners and annotation database upgrading2014-03-032014-03-03
Milestone 4.2_5 document with Algorithm of annotation for new images2014-03-152014-03-17
GA 5 Education, training and exploitation, Evaluation National standards harmonization (VSMU)2013-02-252014-12-31
Task 5.1.Deployment of Common E-learning platform, database training material repository2013-02-252014-12-04
5.1.1 Selection Customisation of Training contents 2013-02-252013-12-31
Milestone 5.1_1 Training package and user manual of the system of diagnostics placed into web-portal2014-01-272014-01-31
5.1.2 Support integration within educational facilities in LT BY2014-01-012014-11-28
Milestone 5.1_2 manual on integration of the developed IT diagnostic system with educational facilities in LT and BY2014-12-012014-12-04
Task 5.2. Organizing internal and external training workshops/events2014-01-012014-09-17
Milestone 5.2_1 First training workshop/seminar for medical practitioners, no less than 20 persons2014-03-172014-03-21
Milestone 5.2_2 Second training workshop/seminar for medical practitioners, no less than 20 persons2014-05-122014-05-16
Milestone 5.2_3 Third training workshop/seminar for medical practitioners, no less than 20 persons2014-09-082014-09-12
Milestone 5.2_4 information seminar for IT specialists from medical partners to train on early cancer diagnostics 2014-09-292014-10-03
Milestone 5.2_5 summer school for medical imaging (approximately 15 persons, IT and medical professionals) 2014-06-302014-07-11
Task 5.3. Net of end-users deployment 2014-02-032014-11-03
Milestone 5.3_1 network of end-users (9 points) equipped with devices with full access to COU and database2014-11-042014-11-21
Milestone 5.3_2 COU control report with end-user set activity analysis2014-11-282014-11-28
Task 5.4. Harmonization of national standards to European rules2014-02-012014-11-28
Milestone 5.4_1 document “Roadmap of harmonization with EU regulations in area of personal data protection by medical investigation and data transfer”2014-12-012014-12-01
Task 5.5. Monitoring (described in part 4.11 of Application)2013-02-252014-12-31
5.5.1 Observation and feedback on partnership meetings, dissemination / exploitation events2013-02-252014-12-31
5.5.2 Online / e-mailed surveys2013-02-252014-12-31
5.5.3 Brainstorming / discussion groups2013-02-252014-12-31
5.5.4 Short verbal or written feedback sessions2013-02-252014-12-31
5.5.5 Semi structured interviews with partners and business organisations representatives2013-02-252014-12-31
5.5.6 Development and management of the evaluation systems for trainings2013-02-252014-12-31
5.5.7 Observation and monitoring of the effectiveness of the partner communication systems2013-02-252014-12-31
5.5.8 Analysis of monitoring results2013-02-252014-12-31
5.5.9 Provision of reports and other feedback to allow internal improvement to systems and processes in a timely manner2013-02-252014-12-31
5.5.10 Other bespoke interventions as agreed with the partners2013-02-252014-12-31
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