Scientific researcher

2003-2008 - Graduate cources at the Belarusian National Technical University (Minsk)(Engineer of intelligent systems , machines and productions),
2009-2011 Masters cources at the Belarusian National Technical University (micro - and nano electronics, devices on quantum effects)
Research Interests:
Computer modeling of molecular systems, multiprocessors systems, grid, molecular dynamics and quantum physics.

Main Publications:

  1. NWChem package as promising grid application for nanodesign - 4th EGEE User Forum/OGF25 & OGF-Europe's 2nd International Event: Connecting & Catalysing User Groups for Best Practices & Standards, 2-6 March 2009, Catania, Sicily, Italy (with V. Barkaline; T. Szepieniec)
  2. РЕАЛИЗАЦИЯ ПАКЕТА NWCHEM КВАНТОВОМЕХАНИЧЕСКИХ И МОЛЕКУЛЯРНО-ДИНАМИЧЕСКИХ ВЫЧИСЛЕНИЙ НА КЛАСТЕРЕ СКИФ К-1000 - В кн.: Вторая Международная научная конференция «Суперкомпьютерные системы и их применение» (SSA’2008): доклады конференции (27-29 октября 2008года, Минск).- Минск: ОИПИ НАН Беларуси, 2008. – с.23-27 (with V. Barkaline)
  3. Viatcheslav Barkaline, Yana Douhaya, Aliaksandr Chashynski, Alexander Pletezhov and Tomasz Szepieniec
    Hierarchical Approach to nanodesign
    Perspective technologies and methods in mems design, memstech'2010, proceeding of the VI International Conference MEMSTECH'2010,
    20-23 April, 2010, Polyana,Ukraine
    Lviv: Publishing house Vezha&Co,2010,p3-12